Thursday, September 16, 2010

optimize time management blog

This article today I will give some tips on how you optimal time your blog,
if you have something else to do except blog, such as office work, teachers, or to learn if you are a student,
these tips you can try for your time in front of the computer less and blogs can be more optimal
, as for some of these tips include:

1.Schedule you work for blogs

How much time do you use to manage your blog every day?specify whether the 1, 2, 3 hours? you must arrange your activities each day
, If you have more than one blog, you must create a schedule to manage your blog periodically, for example Monday to blog A, Tuesday to blog B,
so your blog will be an optimal management

2.imigination while offline
imagination with a view if you are not in an online you can be to imagine, what would you be posted later, and you can write in a paper, so later if your online you easy to determine the contents of your new post because previously we had been imagining andrecord

3.ide posts

if you want to write the hell is confused in the post, you might be looking for ideas in the comment or search on google, or forums

4.Prioritas is the main thing
before you make your blogging should assign top priority of your blogging for you is not much wasted time, such as blog walking, or bercomment, make a post etc.

5.make curious visitor

to optimize a post you had better make a post in the form of parts, so you can minimize your time, and also make your visitor can be more curious about the continued your posts


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